Cleopatra Boy

A Host of People 

Philadelphia + Detroit

Dec 17, 7:00-8:30pm EST with Sanchel Brown

Cleopatra Boy is an original multi-media play that uses the life of Cleopatra to illustrate how women, POC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals in positions of power risk losing control of their own images and histories, resulting in false narratives and misrepresentations, for the current dominant paradigm to retain power and control. This showing will support our ongoing work in creating our companion workshop, designed for communities to engage more deeply with the material. The workshop is focused on our approach to creating the piece. During the process, the ensemble used a Restorative Justice lens to hold those who have told Cleopatra’s story for their own purposes accountable for how she is now held in our contemporary collective imagination.

photo: Baraa Ktiri