Emily Bate


Emily Bate is a harmony fanatic, obsessed with cooking up voice sounds with people in the seething soup of humanity. This manifests in a wide variety of disciplines (music performance, theater, film, performance art, social practice) and roles (composer, vocalist, arranger, conductor, facilitator, performer).

Recent projects include: the score for the film Queer Genius by Catherine Pancake; several shows with frequent collaborator Erin Markey, including the anarcho-musical A Ride on the Irish Cream, featuring “accessible, often punchy pop-rock” (New York Times), and “soaring musical numbers” (Artforum) that were “startlingly gorgeous, and packed with heavenly harmonies” (New York Post); and a composing collaboration with installation artist Patrick Costello. Emily has worked with artists like MJ Kaufman, The Bearded Ladies Cabaret, and Mal Cherifi, and her work has been performed at venues across the US and UK.

Emily founded and conducts a queer community chorus called Trust Your Moves, which focuses on new work by Philadelphians.