Ava Ansari / Poetic Societies



Ava Ansari is a transmedia poet, transcultural curator, and yogi. Their practice lives at the intersections of choreographic, linguistic, musical, and spatial composition; heterotopic healing and radical cyber celebration; and translingual embodiment and bodies' free navigation.

Established in 2017, POETIC SOCIETIES is a Transmedia Poetry and Healing Technologies 501(c)(3) Network located in Waawiiyatanong/Detroit dedicated to body-conscious modes of expression and governance. Since its founding, POETIC SOCIETIES has supported Queer, Nonbinary, Transgender, Nonconforming gender, Black, Indigenous, and Non-English poets, artists, musicians, healers, and organizers with intergenerational experiences of forced physical, environmental, and sexual movement, cultural reappropriation, and gaslighting to revitalize and circulate their ancestral healing modalities through linguistic and ritualistic modes of poetic process. Our collaborative projects, workshops, and public programs encapsulate temporal and spatial zones that remove pain from the sensual, institutional, and digital bodies and cultivate celebratory memories of healing self, land, and senses of belonging on local and global scales.

Trade School: Detroit