trade school:
detroit + phl 

Center City and venues around Philadelphia • June 16-25, 2022
Find program info for all shows here ︎︎︎

Emily Bate ︎ Wig Wag

Ahya Simone ︎ Iridescence 

Poetic Societies/Ava Ansari ︎ Touched: How to Make a Bouquet in a Voting Box? 

Applied Mechanics ︎ The Colonialists

Team Sunshine Performance Corporation ︎ Your Optimism is Not Required

A Host of People ︎ Cleopatra Boy

Propelled Animals ︎ call her by her name: lenape sippu

Motown Philly Back Again︎ A PHL + Detroit Party 

Jennifer Harge ︎ Fly|Drown studio visit

Sanchel Brown ︎ Wheelz of Life (film)

Lead support for The Philadelphia Thing and Trade School is provided by the William Penn Foundation. Trade School: PHL+Detroit is supported by the John S. and James L. Knight foundation.